About X ROADS TV Network

Who We Are

Based out of Century City CA, X ROADS TV has the ability to produce content quickly, inexpensively and with the potential for licensing on the major networks. The new upstart TV network has the ability to meet the increasing demand for content from networks such as Netflix, Fox Broadcasting Company, Lionsgate, OWN, Warner Brothers, BET, NBC Universal, and Paramount Pictures. The company makes no guarantees or promises that content will be picked up by these networks.

Founded in 2018 

Founded in 2018 by Sharifah Hardie and Marvin Williams, this network has been growing ever since. X ROADS TV is committed to not only excellence, but intriguing and standout content that pushes the limits of creativity. The new TV network is a way for creatives to actualize their dreams while reaching their absolute fullest potential. Dedicated to creating opportunities and transitioning creators who are facing a crossroad in their lives, X ROADS TV actively helps creatives attain their goals. 

X ROADS TV is new & fresh, but already equipped with original content. Spanning over several different genres while keeping a common thread throughout. X ROADS TV provides an exclusive experience for viewers while offering creatives the experience of a lifetime. How many TV networks are genuinely passionate about more than their own profit? How many TV networks truly want to see their creators take their ideas and turn them into a reality?

X ROADS TV through its current partnerships produces content with the latest technology and capacity of current major TV network and studio camera and editing equipment standards. The company has the ability to produce quality content at a fraction of a cost through working with seasoned professionals while adhering to Hollywood’s union policies and is passionate about creativity, growth, and innovation. And it shows not only in their content, but in the way they support their creators with dedication and zeal!