Sharifah Hardie is a dynamic personality who isCEO of X Roads TV. Sharifah achievements are countless and she is a versatile entrepreneur. She is also a business consultant, radio host, and influencer. Talking about Sharifah Hardie strength we can say She has positioned herself to be one of the top executives in entertainment. With her intuitive drive, Hardie can only impel X Roads TV forward to success.

Tell us about yourself?

I am someone who loves people. I love to help people build their businesses because I know businesses are what feed our families. They are what will boost the economy and give people a sense of accomplishment and pride.

What makes your organization different than your competitors?

With technology, the way it is people can literally produce a television show by using their cellphone. The question still remains what are you going to do with it. X Roads TV has relationships with the major networks. We are able to produce high-quality content with the latest union standards and pitch the content to networks. We are able to open doors for creatives they may never have the opportunity to walk through.

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