X ROADS TV is accepting submissions of original content for consideration…

Sharifah Hardie, Marvin Williams launch X ROADS TV, the industry’s newest digital media/online streaming platform levels playing field.

LOS ANGELES — COMPTON HERALD – The emergence of corporate online television platforms that made it possible to stream shows and programs online, forever changed the scope of the entertainment industry. Big and small can play. The corporates aren’t the only players. Enter X ROADS TV.

The collaborative brainchild of entertainment business entrepreneurs Sharifah Hardie, and Marvin Williams, X ROADS TV, is the industry’s newest digital media/online streaming platform. The official launch is Saturday, May 7.

Hardie, aka “Ask Sharifah,” a PR consultant, teamed up with Williams, president of Big M Entertainment to launch X ROADS TV, to offer the public new and original content consisting of multiple entertainment genres.

“X ROADS TV is dedicated to creating opportunities and transitioning people at the crossroads of their lives who are contemplating moving forward in television and entertainment. X ROADS TV is a way for people to actualize their dreams,” said Hardie, CEO.

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