Sharifah Hardie is the CEO of X ROADS TV. This TV network is a way for creatives to actualize their dreams while reaching their fullest potential. Dedicated to creating opportunities and transitioning creators who are facing a crossroad in their lives, X ROADS TV actively helps creatives attain their goals. Sharifah Hardie is positioning herself to be one of the top executives in entertainment. With over twenty five years of business experience and in her roles as a business consultant, radio host, and influencer, Ms. Hardie is known for guiding brands in such a way that they speak to audiences.

We recently interviewed Sharifah Hardie to know more about X ROADS TV and her journey as an entrepreneur.

Ms. Hardie , Thank You for talking to us. Please tell us a little bit more about your decision of choosing the path of entrepreneurship.

My journey has been a very interesting one. I became a Business Consultant and Entrepreneur after being laid off plenty of times. Initially I did not want to be an Entrepreneur. I wanted to be an employee with a guaranteed paycheck. However, that wasn’t to be. After so many lay offs I realized that I needed to have some form of control over my destiny. I didn’t want to keep putting all of my eggs into any one basket. In addition, since I launched my first website in 1994 and learned about search engine optimization and marketing I was often asked questions about those areas. Soon, I had so many questions I started my own radio show, “Ask Sharifah Radio” to answer the various questions.

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